$150 per hour

Do you want to manage your own business finances? It can be complicated to learn all of the information involved in doing your own accounting. I provide financial consulting to business owners who want to learn how to manage their finances or their company books. This consultation includes evaluation of your current accounting practices, accounting software, and your financial accounts. After I have evaluated your accounts, I provide recommendations which address the weaknesses or problem areas in your finances and other business areas. These recommendations  include suggested training on your finances.

When I train businesses on their finances, I will provide the current information on financial regulations and practices, as well as recommending actions that can be implemented to sustain your financial processes. I will train you or your employees on how to implement those actions.  I will also help develop financial policy documents and procedures that can be used to train other employees on the financial system we create for your business.

Contact me at 503-939-2461 for a free half hour consultation.