Tax Preparation

Business Tax Preparation

Are you a small business owner trying to do your own business taxes? Don’t make that mistake!!!!!!! I will educate you on the deductions your company can take and how to minimize the amount owed for your company. With proper planning and education I can help your company avoid an audit by the IRS, the State and Local taxes.

If you are audited, I will assist your company through the audit process on returns I have prepared. I help put your paperwork in order, prepare for any meetings with the agencies and guide you through the audit process.

All tax return pricing is based on the forms needed to complete the return.

  • 1065 & OR 65- $750.00 and up
  • 1120S & OR 20-S- $1200.00 and up
  • 1120 & OR 20- $1600.00 and up
  • Additional Federal Forms- Price varies by form
  • Additional State Forms- Price varies by form
  • Tax Planning- Included in your filing
  • Tri-Met- $75.00
  • City of Portland- $100.00
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